Nonprofits and Technology


In this internet driven world, all organizations have to stay updated on their technology usage in order to be relevant. This especially includes nonprofit organizations. The main types that are most helpful are website builders, apps, Google tools, and Microsoft centers.


Website Builders

Websites are the key to showing your audience your mission statement, purpose, programs, and other essentials to your specific organization. There are a few free and low-cost website builders that are highly recommended. Wix is the most commonly known low-cost website builder. All reviews say that it’s easy to use and has many useful features. The basic plan is free, but you could also go for one of the low-cost, ad-free options if you prefer that. Another good website builder is Weebly. This company also provides a multitude of pre-made templates and features to help with creating your website. Their basic plan is free as well, but they also provide other paid plans that start at $8 per month. One website builder that has been getting a lot attention for the past year is Squarespace. This company is mainly known for their minimalist templates and intuitive editor interface. When you first sign up they give you a 14-day free trail, and after that their basic plan starts at $12 per month.



“There’s an app for that!” This common saying is incredibly true today. Almost everybody uses apps every day on their phones, computers, and tablets. There are also a few apps that could help nonprofits in their day to day activities. The first is Buffer a social media managing account. This app takes all your social media accounts including Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more and links them up to one manageable place. You can schedule posts and analyze performance for all of your accounts. There is a free option that allows you link up 3 different social media accounts, and there are paid plans that offer more features. Another app is Board of Director that allows you to easily manage and communicate with the board members, as well as organize board documents all in the same space. Their small board pricing allows up to 9 members and they offer a 50% discount to nonprofit organizations. Another great app for nonprofits is VolunteerMatch. This app makes recruiting volunteers easier, faster, and more efficient. After you create a profile for your organization, you are able to add volunteer opportunities that will reach people in your area who are looking to help out. The basic account is free, but you are also able to become a member for $9.95 per month and receive a lot more tools to help your organizations cause.


Google Tools

Google is the most used internet search tool. They also have many tools that can useful to nonprofit organizations. More than 35,000 nonprofit organizations have registered with Google through TechSoup and are receiving these tools. They require the organization to have the 501c3 status through the IRS to register and receive services from Google Ad, which includes G Suite for Nonprofits, Google Ad Grants, YouTube Nonprofit Program, Google donation tools, and more. A specific tool that is cool is the One Today application. This is a free mobile app that features a different nonprofit project every day. People can easily donate to the featured nonprofit. 


Microsoft Centers

Even though they’re a big name company, Microsoft offers discounts and donations in over 200 countries worldwide to certain nonprofits including but not limited to: education advancement, culture preservation, environmental restoration, and human rights promotion. They also offer training events at some of their local offices to help nonprofits. Like Google, they use TechSoup to register and verify your organization’s nonprofit status.

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