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Our Focus - Reducing Clients' Taxes

We focus on the client to make sure that we find all the tax deductions and savings that you deserve.  Often, the client forgets to provide certain tax documents and we will remind you of any missing items.  Examples of items that clients often miss include mortgage interest on 2nd home loan, child's after school expenses and business expenses.  When we prepare the tax return, you can relax.  Our clients know that we are working hard to minimize their income taxes;  at the same time, we make sure that all of our clients are in compliance with tax rules.  And during the year, you can rest assured that we are here to answer those quick tax questions that you may have.

We are designed to work with those individuals who have complex or complicated tax situations. 

All tax returns are finalized by a CPA and the CPA makes sure that all tax matters were handled accurately and in a way to minimize personal taxes.  If you have any of the tax situations below, you should definitely give us a call:

  • own an LLC or S Corporation
  • have investment or stock gains and losses
  • participate in an employee stock plan
  • recently bought or sold a business

Our tax planning service will save you real dollars.  Did you know?

  • There are retirement plans where you can invest greater than $40,000 per year.
  • Education savings plans are great for reducing state income taxes.
  • Tax credits are far more valuable than tax deductions when preparing your personal tax return.
  • If you buy and sell stock investments, there are strategies to minimize taxes owed on investment gains.

We have many more tax planning ideas.  However, each client tax situation is different.  The associates at Floyd Green CPA take time to understand your personal financial situation and then determine the best tax strategy for you.

Our clients keep coming back.

  • We save you tax dollars; prepare the tax return accurately; and meet all filing deadlines.
  • Taxes are our full time business.  Our tax clients can call us anytime during the year.  We are not a franchise that pops up for 3 months and then disappear.
  • We are a CPA firm and have been in business for 14 years.  We have experienced associates handling all tax returns.  

There are opportunities to save taxes on every page of the form 1040.  Some of these tax savings are large, while other tax savings are small.  Both the large and small tax savings are dollars in your pocket. 

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