Income Tax Problems

Floyd Green CPA can resolve your outstanding tax problems. 


We have resolved tax problems for many individuals and businesses throughout the US.  Some of the common solutions that we provide for clients include:

  • preparation of old tax returns
  • offers in compromise
  • reducing penalties and interest
  • tax settlements and negotiations
  • determining true tax liability


We simplify the process

  • You can relax while we do the work.
  • We'll gather all information required to get you the best tax outcome.
  • Our consultants will then prepare the entire package as required by the IRS.
  • We will request a power of attorney.  The power of attorney document will allow us to speak with the IRS regarding a tax solution for the client.
  • The package is then completed and mailed to the IRS.
  • If the IRS has questions on your package, the IRS will send a copy of those questions directly to Floyd Green CPA and to the client.


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Our clients are very comfortable dealing with our firm.  Our fees are lower than the competitors and our service is higher quality than competitors.  

We serve plenty of clients annually.  We do work for approximately 1,000 individuals, businesses and nonprofits annually.  As a result of serving such a large number of clients, we know how to get tax work done efficiently and effectively.  Floyd Green CPA has 14 years of experience and knowledge working on tax resolutions for clients.  We use this experience to get favourable outcomes for our clients.  You get personal attention and timely service.  All prices are provided to the client before we start the work and there are no hidden fees. 

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